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Haunting Hip Accidents
Maria Sollon, MS, CSCS, PES
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Maintain onto your broomsticks and cauldrons as a result of your hips don’t lie!

Welcome again to the grand finale of a Halloween-themed journey to guard your physique. In Half 3, we enter the realm of haunting hip accidents. Hips are the very basis of your physique, and understanding the most typical hip accidents, together with the significance of energy and mobility workout routines, is essential to take care of their energy and stability.


The collection is split into three components to debate completely different areas of the physique which are most prone to sure injures. It’s vital to know what the most typical accidents are, how they may sneak up in your muscle tissues, and how you can forestall them from occurring. We may also cowl the significance of damage prevention by strengthening the smaller, intricate muscle tissues of the joints which are most prone to damage.

Right here’s the Freaky Sneaky Sequence line up:
Half 1: Shoulders (Unveiling the Secrets and techniques of Shoulder Damage Prevention)
Half 2: Again (Confronting the Terrors of Again Accidents)
Half 3: Hips (Haunting Hip Accidents)

That is Half 3 (grand finale) within the collection. If you happen to missed the earlier components, don’t be scared to test them out too! Now let’s talk about haunting accidents and train potions that might assist your hips relaxation in peace (RIP)!


It’s all within the hips… (if you happen to’re a golfer, you’ll know this properly). Three ghastly hip accidents that may hang-out even essentially the most energetic souls are:

1. Hip Flexor Pressure: The hip flexor muscle tissues are important for actions like lifting your knee or bending on the waist. Overuse or sudden actions can pressure these muscle tissues, inflicting ache and issue shifting.

2. Hip Labral Tear: The hip labrum is a hoop of cartilage that surrounds the hip socket. Tears within the labrum can happen because of repetitive motions or trauma, resulting in ache, discomfort, and diminished vary of movement.

3. Hip Impingement (Femoroacetabular Impingement, FAI): This spine-chilling situation occurs when there’s irregular contact between the hip joint’s ball and socket. It can lead to ache, stiffness, and restricted motion, making each day actions and sports activities a frightful endeavor.

4. Pulled or Torn Groin (Adductor) Damage: A pulled or torn groin, also called an adductor pressure, is usually a scary expertise. This damage happens when the adductor muscle tissues on the internal thigh are stretched past their limits, inflicting tiny tears within the muscle fibers. The adductors are important for actions like bringing your legs collectively, they usually play an important function in sustaining hip stability. A pulled or torn groin can occur all of a sudden, typically throughout actions that contain sudden modifications in route, high-impact actions, or overexertion. It manifests as sharp ache on the internal thigh, accompanied by swelling, bruising, and issue shifting the leg. This damage might be significantly troublesome for athletes and energetic people.


Energy, mobility, and suppleness workout routines play a significant function in stopping damage and sustaining hip well being. These “upkeep” workout routines are your finest weapons in opposition to hip accidents.
Performing energy workout routines in several ranges of movement is essential for sustaining hip energy and constructing resilience in your hip muscle tissues. This prepares your hips for the number of actions they encounter in each day life, sports activities, and different actions. Whether or not you are reaching, squatting, or working, robust hip muscle tissues present stability and energy, decreasing the chance of damage.
Mobility workout routines improve your hip’s vary of movement and suppleness. These workout routines maintain your hip joint shifting freely, guaranteeing that it could actually stand up to the calls for of varied actions with out straining or turning into stiff.


Whether or not you are guarding in opposition to these dreaded hip accidents or a special one, the mixture of energy, mobility, and whole physique workout routines on the Complete Fitness center is your final arsenal to maintain your hips sturdy and injury-free.

Instructions: Be taught and follow the next workout routines slowly with management and correct kind. The main target must be emphasised on creating the smaller muscle tissues across the joints. Take your time and make the most of your internal energy.

Reps + Units: purpose for 10 reps, units will depend on exercise timing
Frequency: 3-4 days / week alongside together with your different routines
Tempo: sluggish and managed velocity

1. Energy: Bridge Variations (bridge articulations, impartial, diamond, inner)
• Bridge Articulations: Lie supine on the glide board with toes positioned on the high of the squat stand. Barely open the glide board and roll the backbone up right into a bridge place. Apply articulating the backbone up and down from the GB.
• Impartial: Assume a bridge place with parallel toes and knees. Open and shut the glide board sustaining a impartial pelvis and core management.
• Diamond: Carry out the identical workout routines as above with the toes and knees in a diamond form (heals collectively and toes turned outward) to focus on a special angle of the hips.
• Inner: Identical workout routines as above with the toes and knees rotated internally.

2. Mobility: Aspect Mendacity Rotations (inner/ exterior)
• Assume a facet mendacity place on the glide board with the highest leg positioned on the squat stand. Carry out a single leg squat by alternating inner (turned in) and exterior (turned out) toes/ knee positions. Carry out on either side.

3. Flexibility: Runners Lunge Combo
• Assume a kneeling lunge place dealing with away from the vertical column. The foot on the ground is near the underside base and fingers are positioned on the squat stand for steadiness. Slowly open the glide board to stretch the hip flexor of the kneeling leg. Choice to increase the leg right into a full lunge. Discover the vary of movement in several angles. Carry out on either side.

Try the video demonstration to see how these Freaky Sneaky workout routines are carried out in your Complete Fitness center.

As our Freaky Sneaky Accidents Sequence involves an finish, keep in mind the significance of taking good care of your shoulders, again, and hips. By incorporating energy and mobility workout routines into your routine and leveraging the Complete Fitness center, you possibly can maintain your physique sturdy, steady, and prepared for motion, whereas defending your self from the terrors of accidents!

Keep Spooky Sturdy! 🎃




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