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-A heavy, excessive depth full physique exercise impressed by Mike Mentor, however with a bit extra quantity thrown in together with rehab and energetic restoration on the remaining days.  

Excessive Depth coaching is a mode of weight lifting that focuses on doing strict managed actions to the purpose of muscular failure throughout temporary, rare exercises.  In essence, this fashion of coaching includes understanding extraordinarily exhausting, typically occasions coaching all the physique in in the future, with loads of relaxation days in between classes for restoration and development.  First popularized by Arthur Jones, the founding father of Nautilus train tools, excessive depth coaching was later tweaked and additional advocated by the late Mike Mentzer, a Mr. Universe winner from the golden period of bodybuilding.

Having studied Mike Mentzer’s tackle Excessive Depth Coaching, I favored the thought of a full physique exercise taking every muscle group to failure.  After the large pressure a exercise like that’s sure to position on the physique and the nervous system, it’s frequent sense that you will want just a few days to get better.  Nevertheless, I like to coach and might by no means think about taking a time off. Within the spirit of wanting to provide a few of Mentzer’s Excessive Depth ideas a attempt however nonetheless adhere to my very own no days off schedule I made a decision to place collectively a plan – the Full Physique Blast Off.

FBBO Overview

The Full Physique Blast off is a heavy, excessive depth full physique routine that’s finished each 4 days.  The primary routine on Day 1 comprises solely 5 large compound lifts and every one is completed till failure utilizing the rep scheme 20, 10, 10, 5, 5, 3, 2, 1 and ending with a 5/10/20/50 strip down.  The exercise ends with a 6 minute set of various plank positions.

Day 2 is an energetic restoration day with 25 minutes of sunshine cardio and a few a lot wanted foam rolling for the muscle mass of the decrease physique.

Day 3 begins with a pre-hab routine designed to enhance activation, appropriate imbalances and enhance flexibility.  As soon as the pre-hab routine is full, you’ll full 5 rounds of a body weight circuit designed to get the blood shifting and exercise any lingering soreness from the day 1 exercise.

As you possibly can see from the overview, this isn’t a basic excessive depth coaching routine, however one which follows just a few of Mentzers ideas however with my twist on them.  For starters, I all the time consider that there’s something you are able to do every day exercise sensible. So that you’re actually sore from the total physique routine? Taking a time off from heavy lifting is a good suggestion, however taking a time off fully from coaching shouldn’t be an possibility.  Lively cardio, pre hab routines, and physique weight actions are a great way to permit your physique to get better and develop however nonetheless get one thing completed within the fitness center. One other precept of Mentzer’s was taking every train to absolute failure – both through tremendous sluggish reps, negatives or lengthy paused contractions to finish a set.  Though I like this concept, I felt the simplest method for most individuals – together with novice lifters or lifters who should not have the posh of a coaching accomplice – to attain complete fatigue was to incorporate a excessive rep drop set to finish every train.

Set Up

Day 1 of this routine is the place all of the heavy lifting is completed.  The workouts used are Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press, and a single arm Dumbbell Bent over Row,  Every week you’ll alternate these workouts with the same variation then swap again the next week. Squat switches out to Entrance Squat, Bench is changed by Incline Bench, standard Deadlift turns into Sumo Deadlift, Overhead press turns into an Iso-Press, and DB Row will get subbed out for T-Bar Row.  For every train begin with a heat up set of 20 reps with the bar solely to get the motion sample down. Subsequent begin with a light-weight weight for 10 reps, then a heavier set for a troublesome 10. Two heavy units of 5 ought to mean you can work as much as a the right beginning weight for a 3, 2, 1 ending at or near your max.  Following the heavy single, decrease the load to what you used on the primary set of 5 and carry out a 5/10/20/50 strip down. Relaxation roughly a minute between every set, and not more than 2-3 minutes between workouts. Simply to provide you an thought of find out how to construction your units and weights, right here is an instance:


20 x bar solely

10 x 135

10 x 225

5 x 245

5 x 275

3 x 315

2 x 335

1 x 365

5 x 245/10 x 185/20 x 135/50 x bar

The above weights are simply an instance, ensure that to scale every part primarily based in your energy, expertise and skill.

Day 2 begins with 25 minutes on a stationary bike at roughly 120-160 watts.  It’s best to get a great sweat and leg burn, nevertheless it shouldn’t be so troublesome that you just can’t keep a great pace.  After ending biking, shadowbox evenly for 10 minutes. If you happen to don’t know find out how to shadowbox (or really feel like an fool doing it in the midst of your large field fitness center), then decide one other type of cardio that includes the muscle mass in your higher physique and core.  This may very well be a rower, an air dyne, or perhaps a soar rope. The objective shouldn’t be exhaustion, however simply to get the blood flowing and loosen up a bit. Finish right now’s exercise with 10 minutes shifting round on a foam curler. If you happen to don’t have already got one I extremely suggest getting one.  Nothing feels higher the day after a troublesome session than smashing and rolling round to loosen up and work the soreness out of your legs, gluten and hips. It’s like having your individual private deep tissue masseuse that matches in your fitness center bag.

Day 3 begins with my normal damage prevention/pre-hab/core activation routine.  Here’s a description of every motion or place:

Dynamic Stretch:

-Achilles Stretch – 10.  Begin by standing along with your toes on a block or a plate and permit your heals to decrease to the bottom, stretching the calves.  Bend ahead and contact your toes, concurrently pulling them up away from the ground.

-Strolling Stretch – 5.  Contact your toes, stroll your palms out right into a push up place and as far previous that as you’ll be able to whereas retaining your core tight.  Stroll your toes as much as your palms retaining your legs as straight as doable.

-Lunge Twist – 5/5. Step out right into a lunge and place your reverse hand on the bottom.  Stretch your identical aspect elbow towards the in step of your entrance leg then twist your shoulders as you attain that hand in direction of the ceiling.

Shoulder Pre-hab:

-Butterflys – 12 – sit on the bottom along with your again in opposition to the wall and your toes in entrance of you with the soles pushed collectively.  Elevate your palms up overhead and again down (consider making a snow angel) as you press your arms again into the wall.

-3 method shoulders – 12.  Lay face down along with your arms prolonged in entrance of you in a Y place and lift your arms off the bottom.  Do 12 along with your thumbs up, 12 with thumbs rotated down, and 12 along with your arms bent at 90 levels.

Spinal Mobility:

-Thoracic Twist – 10/10 – get on all fours and place one hand behind your head.  Rotate your elbow down till it touches your thigh then rotate up till that elbow factors in direction of the ceiling.

-Upward Canine/Downward Canine – 5/5. Begin in a push up place then arch your hips up and push your shoulders down till you might be in an “A-frame” place.  Maintain for just a few seconds and push your heals towards the ground then swoop down and arch your chest up as your hips contact the ground.

Core/Posterior Chain Activation:

Lifeless Bugs – 30 seconds – lay in your again along with your head near the wall.  Elevate your legs up and press your backbone flat to the ground, participating your abs as you press your palms in opposition to the wall.

Kneeling Hamstrings – 10 seconds – kneel dealing with a wall along with your arms unfold out at your sides.  Curl your toes up squeezing and contracting your hamstrings.

Glute Bridge – 5 x 5 second holds – lay in your again in a sit-up place.  Press your toes into the ground as you contract your gluten as you bridge your hips up.

Following the rehab routine you’ll full 5 rounds of a body weight circuit.  Begin with 5 pull ups adopted by 10 dips, 8 underhand chin-ups, and 15 push ups.  In between every spherical full 2 minutes of strolling lunges. Keep in mind – the objective is to get  good pump and sweat, to not completely exhaust your self. If mandatory, cut back the reps on this body weight routine a bit.

Day 4 begins the cycle over once more and it’s time for one more Full physique Blast Off, the one distinction is you’ll substitute the listed variations for the 5 essential workouts.  After every 4 day cycle you’ll toggle forwards and backwards between the principle workouts and their counter elements. This routine will take some getting used to but when finished correctly and with sufficient depth I feel you’ll like it and see some severe features.  Be certain that to comply with me on Instagram @coachmyers_gutcheck for extra each day motivation and distinctive exercise concepts.

Full Physique Blast Off Routine:

Day 1 *on workouts 1-5 make the most of the rep scheme: 20 (bar solely), 10, 10, 5, 5, 3, 2, 1, 5/10/20/50

  1. Squat (week 2 change to Entrance Squat)
  2. Bench (week 2 change to Incline Bench)
  3. Deadlift (week 2 change to Sumo DL) ***no 5/10/20 on deadlift
  4. Standing Overhead DB Press (week 2 change to Standing DB Iso-press)
  5. DB single arm row – both sides. (week 2 change to T-Bar Row)


  1. Plank positions – 6 minutes

Day 2

Lively Restoration:

25 minutes bike @120-160 Watts

10 minutes shadow field

10 minutes Foam Roll:  Hips, glutes, adductors, quads

Day 3


Posterior Chain/Hips:

Achilles Stretch – 10

Strolling Stretch – 5

Lunge Twist – 5/5


Butterflys – 12

3 method shoulders – 12

Thoracic Twist – 10/10

Upward Canine/Downward Canine – 5/5


Lifeless Bugs – 30 seconds

Kneeling Hamstrings – 10 seconds

Glute Bridge – 5, 5 second holds

Body weight Circuit: 5 rounds

5 Pull Ups

10 Dips

8 ChinUps

15 Push Ups

2 minutes Strolling Lunges



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