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Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Kubjata – A Vata Dysfunction

Kubjata is without doubt one of the illnesses talked about amongst 80 Nanatmaja Vikaras of Vata (Ref – Charaka Sutra Sthana Chapter 20).

Nanatmaja Vikaras or Rogas are these issues that are attributable to a selected aggravated dosha and solely that dosha is chargeable for its causation, like ‘that dosha owns that illness’.

Right here Kubjata is one among the many eighty ‘particular’ issues of vata. It’s a Vata Vyadhi (particular vata dysfunction) normally and Vata Nanatmaja Vyadhi (particular vata dysfunction) in particular.

Which means of Kubja

Kubja is an individual whose physique is crooked. That is because of the irregular curve within the again. As a consequence of this curve, the particular person can have a hump on his again. This situation is named ‘hump again’ or ‘hunchback’.

Kubjata or Kubjatva is a state / situation of being ‘hump backed’ or ‘crooked backed’.

Kubjata – etiological elements

गर्भो वातप्रकोपेण दौहृदे वाऽवमानिते।
भवेत् कुब्जः कुणिः पङ्गुर्मूको मिन्मिन एव वा॥सु.शा.२/५४॥
garbho vātaprakopeṇa dauhṛde vā’vamānite|
bhavet kubjaḥ kuṇiḥ paṅgurmūko minmina eva vā||su.śā.2/54||

Beneath talked about are the principle causative elements for Kubjata –

1. Dauhrda Avamana – insult or ignoring the longings of being pregnant (needs of a pregnant lady / mom) –
In keeping with Ayurveda, within the fourth month of being pregnant the mom is claimed to have two hearts – considered one of hers and the opposite of the kid. Due to this fact she is named ‘dauhrda’ – a girl with two hearts.

Ayurveda tells that in this era and henceforth all the desires of the pregnant lady (mom) i.e. longings of being pregnant, be it small or large, common or uncommon, frequent or unusual must be fulfilled. If these are usually not fulfilled they might have a foul influence on the bodily, psychological and emotional well being of the mom and will have the same influence on the fetus (embryo) as properly.

If the longings of pregnant girls are usually not fulfilled there will likely be improper growth of the fetus – bodily, mentally and emotionally. Grasp Sushruta tells that the kid who will likely be born to a mom whose needs haven’t been fulfilled throughout being pregnant is perhaps –

–         Kubja – humpbacked / hunchbacked – scoliosis
–         Kuni – crooked armed / lameness
–         Pangu – lame, crippled in legs
–         Muka – dumb
–         Minmina – stammer

It’s fascinating to notice that kubjata is talked about amongst these circumstances.

2. Vata Prakopa – aggravation of vata

Aggravation of vata causes tissue destruction. When vata aggravation is extreme, the destruction of tissues is on an enormous scale. On this context, other than ignoring and insulting the desires of an expectant mom, kubja, kuni and so on circumstances talked about above are additionally mentioned to be attributable to vata aggravation.

Vata aggravation can happen –

–         within the mom – resulting in deprivation of vitamins to the fetus and subsequent undernourishment of tissues together with the bones and improper formation of tissues (bones right here) resulting in kubjata (and different circumstances)

–         within the fetus – resulting in destruction of tissues together with bones
–         in each mom and fetus – resulting in the identical chain of occasions
–         after beginning – in infancy, throughout progress or in adolescence (may occur in adults additionally)

Normal aggravation of vata within the physique could influence on the bones. Then again, vata can also get aggravated within the bones. Each these occasions could cause issues like kubjata – vis-à-vis scoliosis.

Vata has ashraya ashrayi sambandha with bone tissue. Bone is one among the many abodes of vata whereby bone is ashraya (residence) and vata is ashrayi (resident). So, there’s at all times an opportunity that the bones will likely be subjected to break and destruction by vata, if vata severely will get aggravated within the bones.

3. Snayugata Vata – aggracation of vata within the ligaments (lodgment of aggravated vata within the ligaments)

स बाह्याभ्यन्तरायामं खल्लीं कौब्ज्यमथापि वा॥
सर्वाङ्गैकाङ्गरोगांश्च कुर्यात् स्नायुगतोऽनिलः।च.चि.२८।
sa bāhyābhyantarāyāmaṃ khallīṃ kaubjyamathāpi vā||
sarvāṅgaikāṅgarogāṃśca kuryāt snāyugato’nilaḥ||

When aggravated vata will get localized within the ligaments it provides rise to big selection of issues like bahyayama, antarayama, khalli, kubjata and sarvanga roga – illnesses afflicting to all the physique or ekanga roga – many illnesses pertaining to small areas (physique components and tissues).

Right here it is very important notice that kubjata which will be carefully in comparison with scoliosis is without doubt one of the signs of snayugata vata.


Kubjata, in keeping with Ayurveda can happen on account of –

–         ignoring / insulting the desires of expectant mom – inflicting kubjata (scoliosis) within the youngster / fetus on account of deficit vitamin and consequent mal-formation of backbone and its curve
–         extreme aggravation of vata in expectant mom or fetus
–         as a nanatmaja roga of vata
–         as a symptom of snayugata vata

Prognosis of Kubjata

Although separate prognosis of kubjata is just not talked about (kubjata itself has not been defined intimately in Ayurveda texts) we are able to infer from the obtainable references –

Kubjata will be simply treatable / curable if it has manifested on account of gentle to reasonable aggravation of vata, gentle aggravation of vata within the snayu (ligaments) and asthi (bones).

Kubjata can have unhealthy prognosis and can grow to be tough to deal with whether it is continual or congenital in nature or with extreme signs.

Fashionable correlation of Kubjata

Kubjata is usually in comparison with a modern-day situation named ‘scoliosis.

Associated Studying – Scoliosis

In kubjata there’s a lump / hump on the again. Humpback is a attribute function of yet one more situation of the again – kyphosis.

Kyphosis and Scoliosis typically coexist. This situation is named as ‘Kypho-scoliosis’.

So the issues of backbone included below the umbrella time period Kubjata embody –

–         scoliosis
–         kyphosis
–         kypho-scoliosis

Remedy of Kubjata

Curable sorts of Kubjata will be handled by implementing the beneath talked about rules.

1. Vata Vyadhi Chikitsa – Since kubjata is a vata nanatmaja roga it may be handled by following the rules of vata vyadhi chikitsa (remedy rules adopted typically to deal with vata issues).

Snehana (exterior and inner oleation), Swedana (sudation) and Vasti (medicated enemas) are an important interventions.

Food regimen and life-style practices which stability vata too shall be carried out.

When these vata balancing interventions are carried out early (as and when it will get seen), vata will be introduced into management and additional curving of backbone will be prevented.

2. Potential correction of bija dushti (genetic transforming) – If there’s household historical past, mother and father who’re planning conception have to be administered Panchakarma therapies, Rasayanas & or Vajikaranas (aphrodisiacs) to right the bija dushti earlier than conception.

3. Achievement of dauhruda – needs of the expectant mom must be carried out.

Different points of remedy contemplating kubjatva compared to scoliosis / kypho-scoliosis

4. If neuromuscular circumstances like cerebral palsy or muscle dystrophy have brought on scoliosis – similar therapies which mitigate vata must be carried out. If the problems haven’t occurred in scoliosis and if the illness has not progressed to a stage of asadhyata i.e. incurability, the beneath talked about interventions must be thought of on precedence –

–         Virechana – therapeutic purgation
–         Sneha-dhara – pouring of medicated oils on the physique
–         Murdni taila – oil therapies carried out on the top &
–         Rasayanas together with Ashwagandha and so on

Since there can be mamsabala kshaya (deterioration within the energy of muscular tissues) within the backdrop of kubjata vis-à-vis scoliosis (particularly in neuromuscular circumstances inflicting kubjata), remedy must be carried out on the strains of remedy of majjagata vata, asthigata vata and snayugata vata shall be adopted. (Ref – Cha.Chi.28/33, 93).

5. Kubjata / scoliosis attributable to accidents to the backbone must be managed with bhagna chikitsa (remedy of fractures) or vrana chikitsa (remedy of ulcers and wounds).

6. If kubjata / scoliosis is attributable to infections it shall be handled with a mixture of krimi chikitsa (remedy of worms) and vata vyadhi chikitsa.

7. Remedy of Asadya Kubja (incurable and complex scoliosis) – Extreme scoliosis is disabling. If problems like respiration issues and again issues (continual again ache) happen in scoliosis – remedy rules of the beneath talked about illnesses defined in Ayurveda shall be adopted –

–         Shwasa – respiration issues (Cha.Chi.17) – when respiration issues happen on account of scoliosis affecting the lungs and chest organs,
–         Sarvanga vata – aggravation of vata in all the physique (Cha.Chi.28/91) – inflicting painful signs all around the physique,
–         Asthyavrta Vata – Vata obstructed by bones & Majjavruta Vata – Vata obstructed by bone marrow – causes illnesses and painful signs associated to bones and bone marrow (Cha.Chi.28/66, 67 & 93, 196)
–         Majjagata vata – vata aggravation in bone marrow and asthigata vata – vata aggravated within the bones (Cha.Chi.28/33, 93)

Vinamana is a symptom of Majjavruta Vata. Vinamana really means bowing down, but in addition means crookedness, bend, incline or flip. (Cha.Chi.28/67). This situation too appears like kubjata – scoliosis. Even on this situation, the identical remedy rules talked about for kubjata shall be carried out. 



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