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Ought to wrestlers bench press?

Okay, we’ve all heard the anecdotes, and perhaps you end up reciting them as properly – “wrestling just isn’t a urgent sport”

“Bench Press isn’t useful”

“When you’re in your again urgent up, it’s too late”

Whereas I agree that wrestling entails the “pulling” muscle groups of the again and biceps rather more than the “pushing” ones, it is very important be sturdy in each place.  Hand preventing entails each pushing and pulling, and also you undoubtedly want a robust chest to cradle up an opponent.

So the quick reply is “sure”.  Regardless of the lengthy standing myths inside wrestling tradition, all wrestlers ought to bench press.  The marginally longer reply is that when programming bench press for wrestlers, ensure that higher physique pulling actions are prioritized at a 2:1 ratio – i.e. every week do twice as a lot quantity pulling as you do pushing. So if throughout the season your athletes are lifting weights twice per week, be certain that each days embrace some heavy pulling (weighted chin ups on at some point, and rows paired along with your urgent motion throughout the second raise), and that the overall quantity of units for urgent is half that of your pulling actions for the week.

Another methods to make the bench press “sport particular” for wrestling:

1. Herald your grip – by shortening the grip to no wider than shoulder width the bench press turns into safer for the shoulder and forces the athlete to make use of their lats to stabilize and push the bar.  Retaining the grip medium/slender additionally extra carefully mimics the place a wrestler would “push” throughout hand preventing relatively than with their elbows out large.

2. Go single – the one arm dumbbell press is certainly one of my favourite urgent variations for wrestlers, significantly in season.  With out a second dumbbell to counterbalance, the one arm press requires an amazing quantity of anti-rotational core power and forces the athlete to drive into the bottom with their glutes – making this press as “useful”  because it will get.

3. Begin low – Performing a Pin Press out of a rack is a good way to construct concentric energy (urgent up) with out the soreness related to eccentric (decreasing the bar) loading.  Set the pins or rack in order that the bar is simply above the chest on the backside place.  Get set below the bar, tense up the lats and squeeze the bar earlier than exploding up right into a press.  Rack after which have your spotters decrease, or loosely information the bar again down.  Re-set earlier than every rep – don’t bounce off of the rack.

Keep in mind!  You may’t get sufficient “pulling” actions – even on days off, face pulls and band scap retractions can be utilized as prehab to construct resiliency and shoulder integrity – however that doesn’t imply it’s best to neglect your presses.  My wrestlers bench press 12 months spherical, and yours ought to too.

An important factor is having a structured power plan that addresses the entire bodily wants and calls for of wrestling – fortunately for you, I’ve you coated.  Take a look at my Wrestling Energy e-books HERE 



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