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I really like the deadlift. 

Whereas I’ve transitioned from powerlifting to focusing extra on hypertrophy, I nonetheless deadlift heavy. Why? As a result of I prefer it. 

The deadlift is such a satisfying raise. 

Despite the fact that I’ve been deadlifting critically for practically ten years, there are nonetheless some cues that I mentally undergo in my head as I carry out this train. 

Beneath, I share my 5 favourite cues that I nonetheless use at this time. Some make use of evocative metaphors that make them simple to recollect and all are fairly helpful in making certain you do the deadlift appropriately. 

For those who’re in search of an in-depth information to the deadlift, try this complete article. 

To Set Your Again Proper: Level Your Booty Gap on the Wall Behind You; Squeeze Oranges in Your Armpits

To maintain your again robust and secure throughout a heavy deadlift, you need to keep again extension throughout its setup and execution. While you deadlift with a rounded again, you improve the probabilities of damage.  

Setting and sustaining your again in extension might be laborious when bending over to seize a barbell. It’s not one thing that comes naturally. I picked up two cues from Barbell Logic proprietor Matt Reynolds which have helped me appropriately set my again in extension over time: level your booty gap on the wall behind you; squeeze oranges in your armpits. 

“Level your booty gap on the wall” jogs my memory to maintain my hips up. While you level your booty gap on the wall whilst you’re bent over and grabbing the barbell, it should naturally put your decrease again into extension. 

When Matt coached my then 10-year-old son Gus on learn how to deadlift, he performed to his 10-year-old boy mentality and advised him, “Think about you’re going to have diarrhea. Level your butt in order that the diarrhea sprays all around the wall behind you.”

Gross? Sure.

But it surely labored. Due to that cue, Gus is aware of learn how to get his decrease again into extension. 

“Squeeze oranges in your armpits” is a cue that jogs my memory to maintain my chest up through the setup and the raise. I simply think about I’ve bought an orange in every armpit, and I have to preserve them there through the raise. For some bizarre cause, that cue helps me raise my chest, which helps keep again extension through the deadlift. “Chest up” by no means labored for me, however “squeeze oranges in your armpits” does. 

If it feels uncomfortable, you’ll know your again is about in extension appropriately. It ought to really feel tight in your decrease again. 

To Stop Knee Caving: Shove Your Knees Out to Your Elbows

In case your knees are likely to collapse through the deadlift, then as you arrange, inform your self, “Shove your knees out to your elbows.”

Apart from stopping knee-cave, shoving your knees out in order that they contact your elbows will put your legs in exterior rotation, permitting you to convey your adductors into the deadlift. The deadlift simply feels higher once you shove your knees out. 

To Stop Jerking: Pull the Slack Out of the Bar

One of many points I’ve had over time with the deadlift is that I’ll work lots to get into setup, solely to let that setup chill out proper earlier than I begin to pull the barbell off the bottom. 

To counter that deadlift mishap, I inform myself, “Squeeze the slack out of the bar.” 

Squeezing the slack out of the bar means pulling on the bar by extending your again and straightening your arms and wrists. While you squeeze the slack out of the bar, the plates don’t go away the bottom, however the bar ought to really feel heavy in your fingers. You would possibly even see the bar bend a bit as you squeeze the slack out of it.

Squeezing the slack out of the bar helps me keep correct setup as an alternative of letting issues chill out proper earlier than the raise. 

To Hold Your Arms Straight: Use Your Arms As Towing Straps

A typical mistake I see individuals make when deadlifting is that they’ll attempt to actively pull the bar with their arms. You don’t pull the bar together with your arms, within the sense of bending your elbows and pulling such as you’re on a rowing machine or doing a pull-up. Any bend in your arms might be pulled straight as quickly as you attempt to raise the barbell; within the course of, a number of the work of lifting the bar might be misplaced on this straightening that would have higher contributed to the raise. Bent arms will even trigger you to alter place barely as you begin the pull.

To maintain your arms straight all through the raise, think about that they’re towing straps. As you arrange, take a lot of the weight of the barbell into your fingers together with your arms straight, creating pressure in opposition to the barbell. With the barbell secured to your static arm “straps,” raise the barbell by elevating your higher physique. 

To Begin the Deadlift Proper: Push the Earth Away With Your Toes

Whereas the deadlift is taken into account a “pull” train, a helpful cue to execute the raise correctly is to additionally consider it as a push. Once I’m prepared to tug the barbell off the bottom, I feel, “Push the earth away together with your toes.” The same cue is “Leg press the earth together with your toes.”

Beginning the deadlift with a foot push will lengthen the knees, providing you with some assist out of your quads. Beginning your deadlift with a push motion will even be sure that your bar maintains a straight up-and-down path, making for a extra environment friendly raise.

I at all times really feel stronger once I consider my deadlift as a push as an alternative of a pull. Give it a attempt. Perhaps you’ll, too.



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