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In at present’s put up, Registered Dietitian, Danielle Omar covers turnip vitamin and the well being advantages of turnips. Turnips (Brassicarapa) are a standard root vegetable that’s comparatively low in energy and carbohydrates. Discover out extra under.

purple top turnips and a plate of roasted turnips

The next dietary details about turnips on this part about Vitamin was offered by RD Danielle Omar, Integrative Dietitian and creator of Nourish: 21 days of Clear consuming. Discover her at 

Be certain to take a look at our Information To Turnips for cooking with turnips, info on rising turnips, recipes and extra!

Why are turnips good for you/ what do they do for the physique?

Since turnips are cruciferous greens, they’re related to cardiovascular well being and most cancers prevention due to their anti-inflammatory advantages.

They’re additionally wealthy in vitamin A, which is important for wholesome imaginative and prescient and immune well being, vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radicals and promotes immune well being, and vitamin Okay, which is important for wholesome blood clotting.

Turnips are excessive in fiber, making them filling and helpful for digestive well being, however decrease in carbs than different root greens like potatoes.

Are turnips excessive in carbs?

Turnips aren’t particularly excessive in carbs, particularly in comparison with starchier root greens like potatoes, candy potatoes, and parsnips. Turnips are principally fabricated from water – they’re 94% water, 5% carbohydrate, and 1% protein by weight. Their carbohydrate rely is nearer to that of their cruciferous veggie cousins like broccoli and kale. A cup of diced turnips has nearly 8 grams of carbohydrates, whereas a cup of broccoli and kale every have 6 grams of carbs.

How do they examine to a potato, nutrition-wise?

Turnips have fewer energy than potatoes, with nearly 36 energy per cup versus slightly over 100 energy per cup of diced potatoes.

Each turnips and potatoes have comparable quantities of fiber and vitamin C per cup, however potatoes’ complete carb rely is available in at about 24 grams per cup, in comparison with turnips’ 8 grams of carbs per cup.

Potatoes are increased in potassium, nonetheless, supplying about 20% of your every day wants per cup, whereas turnips solely present about 12% per cup.

What’s their glycemic index/load?

Turnips have a glycemic index of 62, which is taken into account reasonably glycemic. Pairing them with sources of protein might help cut back their glycemic impression to forestall fast blood sugar spikes.

Are they a sensible choice for diabetics?

Consuming too many turnips with out sources of protein and fats to decelerate carbohydrate absorption can result in poor management of diabetes. Nevertheless, diabetics don’t essentially must keep away from turnips.

They’re excessive in fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals, and generally is a nice low-carbohydrate various to potatoes.

The glycemic load of potatoes ranges between 80-110, falling within the “excessive” vary during which carbohydrates are launched rapidly into the bloodstream. Turnips’ decrease glycemic load makes them a better option for diabetics, moderately.

Why do turnips trigger gasoline?

Turnips are a member of the cruciferous vegetable household (alongside cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and extra).

Cruciferous veggies include an oligosaccharide known as raffinose, which our digestive methods can not break down.

Meaning raffinose makes it to the big gut undigested, the place micro organism ferment the raffinose and creates a byproduct of gasoline.

Are turnips low FODMAP?

Sure, turnips are thought-about low FODMAP, that means they’re low in sure fermentable carbohydrates which will contribute to digestive misery.

Despite the fact that turnips include raffinose and will produce gasoline, they don’t include excessive ranges of the fermentable carbohydrates usually recognized to worsen signs of situations like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Illness, and Colitis.

Can they trigger constipation or diarrhea?

Greens excessive in fiber have a tendency to assist regulate bowel actions, slightly than trigger misery like constipation or diarrhea. There’s no proof that turnips trigger constipation or diarrhea, and they may really assist!

What makes them style bitter?

Turnips which might be harvested whereas younger have a candy and delicate taste, with none bitterness. As they proceed to develop or age, they will turn into bitter and find yourself with a woody texture.

The bitterness is brought on by compounds known as glucosinolates, which style spicy or bitter to some folks. Should you’re not a fan of bitterness, search for smaller turnips with greens which might be recent and brightly coloured. Meaning they had been picked whereas younger and haven’t been sitting round lengthy sufficient to show bitter!

Pairing bitter meals with candy or bitter style might help to stability the bitterness. Attempt our roasted turnips with balsamic vinegar.

Is the wax discovered on some turnips dangerous and or unhealthy for you?

More often than not turnips aren’t coated in wax – “wax turnips” are literally rutabagas!

The skinny layer of wax on the surface traps moisture to maintain vegatables and fruits from drying out. Whereas it’s food-grade wax, which is cleared as non-toxic, word that it’s really useful that you just wash and peel turnips and rutabagas earlier than consuming to keep away from the wax altogether.



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