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Curious what to eat with smoothies for breakfast? Elevate your morning with simple recipes that complement your favourite smoothie, creating the best steadiness between comfort and chew-worthy satisfaction.

What To Eat With Smoothies For Breakfast

It’s Smoothie Week!

This week I’m sharing 4 smoothie-themed posts. Prepare for a ravishing acai bowl and a chocolate mint smoothie recipe!

It’s no secret that I l-o-v-e smoothies. I’ve numerous smoothie recipes on KERF, particularly my beloved smoothie bowls, however I do know {that a} smoothie for breakfast doesn’t all the time fulfill all appetites since they don’t have the chew issue.

Smoothies are fast, handy, and pack a strong punch of nutritional vitamins, vitamins, and fiber. However in the event you usually crave a extra satisfying, chewable begin to the day, I’m sharing a number of concepts of what meals pair completely together with your breakfast smoothies, permitting you to get pleasure from the very best of each worlds.

Elements For A Filling + Wholesome Smoothie

Greek Yogurt: Take creaminess to the subsequent degree by including an enormous spoonful of entire milk Greek yogurt. Brimming with protein, satisfying fats, and gut-friendly probiotics, it enhances texture, retains you full, and helps wholesome digestion.

Frozen Fruit: No matter you will have readily available! We all the time have frozen bananas and berries in our freezer. My children particularly love frozen mangos of their smoothies. 

Almond Milk: Whereas we use entire cow’s milk in our smoothies, unsweetened almond milk is a non-dairy possibility. I just like the vanilla ones with added protein (like this one) since almond milk by itself is mainly almond water (haha). 

Coconut Water: If I’ve it readily available, I like including some coconut water to my smoothies for a tropical taste. Past including sweetness, coconut water delivers important electrolytes.

Protein Powder: Smoothies are one of many best methods to get in a heaping serving of protein. Whether or not you favor plant proteins, or attain for collagen or whey, they are perfect for muscle upkeep and satiety. My present favourite is Merely Tera’s Natural Whey in Bourbon Vanilla.

Maple Syrup: I usually don’t wish to add sugar, as a result of I discover that between all of the frozen fruits, smoothies are already pretty excessive in sugar (pure sugar!) as it’s. However, a drizzle of pure maple syrup does improve the flavour in say a seasonal pumpkin pie smoothie. It’s additionally my go-to if I make a smoothie for me that’s fairly un-sweet and need to sweeten it a smidge for the boys.

Favourite Blender

I’ve had two Vitamix blenders and now have the Ascent sequence A3500, which is their newest and biggest version of Vitamix. All it takes it an try to mix spinach in a rental home blender to remind me how wonderful the Vitamix is. We use ours almost on a regular basis.

A few of my favourite smoothie recipes:

What To Eat With Smoothies For Breakfast

When all macronutrients are accounted for, wholesome breakfast smoothies is usually a meal substitute in and of themselves, however I completely perceive in the event you’d quite get pleasure from your smoothie with a chewable accompaniment. I attempt to think about which meals teams or macros I’ve already lined in my smoothie and complement them with the aspect. So in case your smoothie is generally fruit, have hard-boiled eggs or nut butter toast with it. Or in case you have a principally inexperienced smoothie made with protein, get pleasure from a muffin on the aspect. Listed here are some recommendations!

Avocado Toast or Banana Smash Toast

Begin your day by pairing a small smoothie with avocado toast–a basic! Go for whole-grain bread for added fiber, and prime it with sliced tomatoes. 

One other favourite is that this Banana Smash Toast – with peanut butter drizzle and chia seed sprinkling for a dose of wholesome fat.

Home made Muffins

Bake up a batch of wholesome muffins to get pleasure from alongside your smoothie. We love these Morning Glory Muffins and these Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins (which are made int he Prompt Pot!).


The go-to breakfast meals for protein. Right here’s my excellent scrambled eggs recipe or hard-boil a couple of to seize and go. Or in the event you’re feeling like an enormous breakfast, attempt a Scrambled Egg Sandwich. This scrambled egg sandwich with avocado is one among my favourite savory breakfasts or lunches. You need to use entire eggs or egg whites, your choice!

Mini Egg Pies

These mini egg pies are so easy (simply 4 elements!) and are simple to eat on the go along with a smoothie. 

Breakfast Charcuterie Board

It is a enjoyable one, particularly in the event you’re having firm – or maybe simply have a houseful of youngsters who wish to graze!

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