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Medically reviewed by Paula Tanasa, M.D.

What’s gout?

Gout is a kind of inflammatory arthritis that happens when uric acid builds up in your blood and varieties tiny, needle-shaped crystals that may deposit nearly wherever within the physique, together with within the joints, bones, coronary heart, backbone, kidney and eyes. These deposits can type seen lumps within the joints, that are generally known as tophi.

Can ladies get gout?

Chances are you’ll surprise, can ladies get gout? The reply is easy: Sure.

Gout is sort of twice as widespread in males than in ladies — 5.2% of males and a pair of.7% of ladies report having gout — however ladies can nonetheless get it.

Estrogen helps flush uric acid out of the physique. So, ladies are inclined to get gout after they’ve gone by means of menopause, which causes them to lose estrogen. Girls who haven’t gone by means of menopause can nonetheless get gout, however it’s much less widespread. These residing with continual kidney illness are additionally at the next danger.

Why you need to take note of your danger for gout

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Gout might sign different well being dangers, particularly for ladies.

In reality, one research confirmed that ladies with gout have been 39% extra prone to have a coronary heart assault than ladies with out gout. One other research discovered that ladies with gout have been extra probably than males to have hypertension, diabetes, kidney illness and weight problems.

Gout is on the rise in ladies

Within the final 20 years, circumstances of gout have greater than doubled amongst ladies.

Right this moment, 2 million ladies within the U.S. have this inflammatory type of arthritis.

It’s not completely clear why gout charges are rising, however the getting older inhabitants and rising weight problems could also be elements.

Gout signs in ladies

gout symptoms

Typical signs of gout are gout flares, which might trigger extreme ache, swelling, redness and soreness within the joints. This consists of the hallmark signal: ache in your large toe. Gout signs in ladies could be completely different than the everyday signs, although. Whereas gout typically comes on all of a sudden and intensely, ladies are extra probably than males to have joint ache that begins extra slowly and impacts a number of joints at a time. These joints embrace the knees, toes, wrists and fingers.

Although a basic signal of gout is acute ache within the large toe, ladies typically get ache of their arms as an alternative. Because of this, healthcare suppliers can generally mistake gout for inflammatory osteoarthritis, which causes swelling and ache within the fingers.

Girls are sometimes dismissed or ignored by healthcare suppliers total. This may come into play in a situation like gout, which is commonly misdiagnosed, particularly in ladies who don’t all the time have the telltale signs. So, it’s essential to advocate for your self when you suspect you will have gout. A method to do this is to ask for a blood take a look at to measure your uric acid ranges. In case your degree is above 6 mg/dl and also you’re experiencing flares, you will have gout.

Gout analysis and coverings

Gout diagnosis and treatments

For most individuals, gout flares could be managed with anti-inflammatory medicines like colchicine or steroids, or with oral drugs that scale back uric acid, the foundation explanation for the illness. When you have gout that persists after taking oral drugs, speak to your healthcare supplier about your choices.

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