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By Kathryn Boland, Circulate and Develop Children Yoga 95-Hour Trainer Coaching Graduate and Weblog Supervisor 

Up to date by Lara Hocheiser December 7, 2022


Winter, a beautiful time to breathe, decelerate, and strike a warming pose

Image of a mug of hot chocolate with mashmallows and a candy cane stirrer

Winter can really feel lengthy, however yoga can assist! Winter yoga can assist heat, stretch and launch our bodies which are fending in opposition to the chilly. It may possibly additionally assist us recognize the sweetness and goal of the winter. Every little thing wants time to relaxation and restore, even nature! Getting imaginative with these concepts can assist convey enjoyable and necessary classes to children by the winter season. Get pleasure from our Half II of winter poses

Begin with warming the physique by Lion’s Breath. The video above exhibits how! It is a enjoyable breath that may additionally convey vitality to drained winter our bodies and spirits. As they are saying, March (the final month of winter) is available in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  


Skier’s Pose 

Kathryn Boland, a white 30-something woman doing a yoga squat

How To:

  1. Take your toes as huge aside as your hips. In case you’re undecided how a lot that’s, put two fists between your toes — like a playful gorilla!
  2. Put your palms in fists, and attain your arms out on the identical top as your shoulders — such as you’re holding ski poles.
  3. Bend your knees and sit deep, such as you’re sitting down in a chair.
  4. Think about that you are going down the slopes. Really feel the chilly air shifting throughout your face. So enjoyable! Maintain the pose for a couple of extra breaths.
  5. Then straighten your knees and drop your arms to relaxation. Take any actions or different poses that really feel good (together with a restful pose — what does your physique want?). 


–Strengthens the legs and abdominals 

–Develops steadiness and proprioception 

–Stretches the glutes, hamstrings, and again muscle tissue

–Brings a smile! 


Enjoyable Exercise with Children: 

Everybody can assist hold themselves and one another heat on the slopes! Rub palms collectively for a couple of seconds after which breathe into them.

After doing that a few occasions, blow some heat air to one another!(Keep away from if in an area collectively and working towards social distancing resulting from COVID tips — have children hold breath to themselves. If working towards nearly, blow it to one another by the display screen — it’s all imaginative!)

Snowflake Pose

image of Kathryn Boland, a white 30-something doing star pose, stretching her arms out and up and legs out, in the shape of a star while standing

How To: 

  1. Take your toes a bit wider than your hips, toes pointing barely outwards. 
  2. On a breathe in, attain your arms up in a V-shape, and unfold your fingers huge. Really feel vitality shifting by them. 
  3. Look straight ahead with vitality and confidence — it helps with steadiness!  
  4. Maintain the pose for a couple of extra breaths. How does it really feel to achieve massive and take up area?
  5. Come out of the pose by dropping your arms and taking your toes nearer collectively. Take any wiggles in your physique that really feel good after holding that pose! 



–Stretches and strengthens the entire physique! 

–Brings breath, vitality, and a sense of expansiveness by physique 

–Strengthens steadiness and proprioception 

–Reaching massive is an entire lot of enjoyable! 


Enjoyable Exercise with Children: 

Think about that you just’re all falling snowflakes in a winter wind! 

  1. On a breath out, decrease your hips in a swaying movement, like a falling snowflake within the breeze. 
  2. With the breath in, straighten your knees and let your arms transfer from side-to-side, comfortable and noodly like cooked spaghetti.   
  3. Strive that three extra occasions!


Tell us the way you just like the winter poses!



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